We created the plan together. Together, we will realize it.

Bringing the plan to life

Implementing a 10-year strategic plan is an exciting process. It takes the collective energy of many people, working simultaneously on dozens of projects that move forward at a variety of paces.

Where to start?

First, we grouped our vision into 10 strategic “clusters”—like Designing and Developing Knowledge, DU and the Public Good, and Sustainable DU—and appointed leaders for each one. Under each cluster,  small working groups that are charged with consulting broadly and, well, getting the work done.

The working groups articulate and research ideas. They gather input and feedback from stakeholders. They think critically and practically about how to turn those ideas into reality. Ultimately, their best ideas will be prioritized, budgeted for and funded.

Our working groups are turning ideas into reality.

Telling stories of our progress

On these pages, we will keep you—our community members, stakeholders and friends—informed. We will report on the progress made within each cluster. Throughout the site, we will share stories of our people—students, faculty, staff and community partners—as they build on this great university’s strengths and bring DU IMPACT 2025 to life.

Already, our people are solving today's problems with tomorrow's thinking.

We are all planning for the future

All academic units and many of our administrative areas are developing their own plans to fully realize the potential of DU IMPACT 2025 across campus. Together, we are working to accomplish the ambitious goals set out in the plan and to create a culture of continuous innovation and strategic planning. To read the completed plans, please see below:

We are committed to a process of continuous strategic planning

Follow our progress

Alumni-education leader of the Morgridge school

Preparing school leaders

DU’s Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department is chosen by two leading universities to share Wallace Foundation grant in support of training school principals.

Student overlooking houses on a dry hillside

Supporting Study Abroad

The Cherrington Global Scholars initiative, which pays for the airfare and visa expenses for all qualifying, is just one of the ways DU is creating a culture of study abroad and internationalization.

The memorial tower on DU campus

Producing concrete ideas

Chancellor Chopp announces two DU IMPACT 2025 pilot programs: Intergroup dialogue courses in the Department of Communications Studies and Community-Engaged Student Fellows.