Collaboration for the Public Good

As detailed in Transformative Direction Three, DU will continue to engage with organizations and diverse communities across Denver and throughout the Rocky Mountain West to serve the public good directly, […]

Global, Engaged Research University

When high-achieving faculty members develop into distinguished scholars who shape their fields, they also enhance the reputation of the University. During the next decade, DU will accelerate engagement with new […]

Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity

To meet contemporary challenges, diverse teams must work collaboratively and innovatively towards solutions.  We are actively seeking a student body, faculty and staff who represent the diversity of our community, region, and nation to prepare our students for an increasingly globalized world. […]

Ensure a Signature Portfolio of Academic Programs

In Transformative Direction One, DU commits to exploring innovative ways to create a learning environment that expands education beyond traditional boundaries and scaffolds critical reflection – across courses, program, and campus and community and globe. […]

Ensure a Bold and Bright Future

As outlined in Transformative Direction One, financial aid is critically important to DU and one of our top priorities. Not only does it benefit those who have been denied access […]


In the 21st century, producing and disseminating knowledge is a global process.  The Internet makes it possible to collaborate on scientific research or work project through instantaneous virtual connections, bringing together participants from around the world. […]

One DU

As outlined in Transformative Direction Four, DU will advance our institutional structures and shape ourselves as an intentional community, One DU, to provide an inclusive and engaging environment that supports our aspirations. […]

4D Student Experience

As detailed in Transformative Direction One, DU aspires to be an intellectual, intentional and engaged academic community that cultivates critical thinking, knowledge and ethical leadership to prepare undergraduate, graduate and professional students to chart their own future and contribute to and serve the public good. While at DU, students will transform their views of the world, explore their character, develop practices of well-being, and learn rigorous intellectual and practical skills. […]

Sustainable DU

Denver and the Rocky Mountain West face many sustainability challenges in the present and near future.  These include increased traffic congestion, a loss of local farms, city growth and gentrification and challenges to the region’s water supply. But Denver also benefits from many opportunities that signal a more sustainable future. […]