Evaluating Impacts of Higher Research on Faculty Life

Darrin Hicks

Faculty Senate President, Professor, Communication Studies, CAHSS


Kate Willink

Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs

NREL Grant

In support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot initiative, NREL is providing Solar PV Screenings to universities seeking to go solar. After DU was selected as a grant recipient, using the System Advisor Model (SAM) and Aurora model, NREL conducted an initial techno-economic assessment of solar PV feasibility. NREL then provided DU with customized results, including the cost-effectiveness of solar PV, recommended system size, estimated capital cost to implement the technology, and estimated life cycle cost savings. This provided great background information which we will use moving forward.

Renewable Energy

In collaboration with CSU, DU was included in a renewable electricity request for proposals (RFP). During a competitive selection process, 29 proposals were evaluated with 8 companies interviewed for the possibility of providing DU with renewable electricity.  Through this evaluation, Microgrid Energy Inc. was selected for an on-site rooftop solar photo-voltaic project.  Contract negotiations are currently in progress as well as the final selection for what buildings will receive solar power.  The panels are anticipated to be installed in the spring of 2019.  Additionally, solar panels have been planned for the Denver Advantage Buildings on the new First Year Residence Hall and Pioneer Career Achievement Center, which will be completed in the Summer of 2020.