We worked with the firm Ayers Saint Gross to create a plan based on the assumption that DU would neither increase on-campus enrollment, nor expand past the boundaries of I-25 to the north and Harvard Gulch to the south. They created a model that would become increasingly sustainable and allow for the transformation of existing properties as transportation changes over time. They thought with our community about ways to make the existing campus more welcoming and exciting for an increasingly diverse population.

With input and feedback from over 1,000 participants, this plan incorporates the findings of an array of experts in sustainability, mobility, space analytics, graphic design and real estate economics, as well as the needs and aspirations of our community. The plan aims to create a vibrant college town right in the heart of our rapidly growing, dynamic metro area.

The Framework sets our course. It tells us what we could do on the land we have. It remains for the DU family and our broader community to determine what we should do. Each initiative being proposed will require its own due diligence and its own fiscal analysis before being implemented.


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