Janet Burkhardt

Director, Student Financial Services, Office of the Bursar


Matt Gordon

Professor and Chair, Dept. of Mechanical and Materials, RSECS


Leslie Hasche

Associate Professor, GSSW


Sharon Lassar

Professor, Directory, School of Accountancy, DCB


Ingrid Tague

Professor, History Department, Associate Dean, AHSS


Shannon Murphy

Assoc. Professor, Biological Sciences, NSM


In the spring of 2018, Graduate Education, Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence, and other campus partners sent out a survey to all graduate students at DU. About 1800 students responded and we garnered robust knowledge about our graduate students’ and their experience at DU.

While the quantitative data has been analyzed and useful to academic units, we haven’t taken advantage of the breadth and depth of the qualitative data the survey provided.

This working group will:

  1. Analyze the qualitative (and quantitative) data from the survey;
  2. Collect more data (as needed);
  3. On the basis of their analysis, determine if there is an opportunity for improvement and what 2-3 initiatives might be to address the opportunity.