International Student Recruitment (Graduate)

Casey Dinger

Interim Vice Provost of Internationalization 


Daniel Doerr 

Director, Graduate Enrollment, Josef Korbel School of International Studies 


Niki Kelley 

Executive Director of Graduate Enrollment, Office of Graduate Education 


Corinne Lengsfeld (Chair) 

Interim Provost


Franklin Pesantez 

Assistant Director, English Language Center


Lori Reynolds

Assistant Dean, Graduate Legal Studies, Sturm College of Law 


Todd Rinehart 

Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management 


Brad Rosenwinkel 

Executive Director, Graduate Admission, Daniels College of Business 


Marjorie Smith 

Assistant Vice Chancellor, International Admission, Office of Admission 


DU has formed a group to develop a strategy around increasing our international graduate student population. We recognize that an increase in the population of international students cannot succeed without support for a strong transition to on-campus life, student success and career placement. We are focused on enhancing recruitment strategies as well as enhancing on-campus support so that we can be more competitive in the eyes of international students. 

Currently the committee is working on: 

  1. Investigating the practices used a by a few identified universities known for strong international student recruitment and outcomes and who have similar scholarly profiles to DU.
  2. Collecting data:
    • Percentage of International students
    • International recruitment strategies 
    • Transition success strategies for international students
    • Career services for international students