The College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences is offering a new interdisciplinary minor in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies for undergraduate students. The minor provides students an opportunity to examine race and ethnicity as categories of social, political, historical, and cultural analysis in the United States and globally.

The development and launch of the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies minor was a collaborative effort, supported by DU IMPACT 2025 and the CAHSS Keystone Strategic Plan. Stemming from the work of the Race, Inequality, and Social Change (RISC) working group, in fall 2017, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosted a half-day retreat for faculty, staff, and students with the goal of collectively imagining what such a curricular core would look like at DU.  The half-day retreat welcomed 50 of DU’s faculty, staff and graduate students into a workshoping process that produced six themes and interest with respect to ethnic studies.

Special thanks to CAHSS ODI Fellow Elizabeth Escobedo, who led the development and approval process.

Thanks also to the members of:

The CAHSS Inclusive Excellence Committee:

  • Alejandro Cerón
  • Elizabeth Escobedo
  • Kristy Firebaugh
  • Lydia Gil Keff
  • Rachel Lim
  • Sarah Pessin

The Undergraduate Ethnic Studies Working Group:

  • Aaron Schneider (team leadership)
  • Elizabeth Escobedo (team leadership)
  • Lisa Martinez (team leadership)
  • Armond Towns
  • David Corsun
  • Santhosh Chandrashekar

Thank you also to Frank Tuitt, Tom Romero and Ingrid Tague.

Interested faculty, staff and students may learn more about the minor on the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies webpage.