Strategic Imperatives

The 4D Student Experience

It’s not enough for students to graduate with a limited set of skills and narrowly defined knowledge. At DU, we believe the student experience should empower our students to be resilient and courageous champions of the public good leading lives of purpose and passion. We call this the 4D Student Experience. Intellectual growth and academics are the foundation, but career development, well-being and character exploration provide holistic structures on which students can build futures that are not only successful, but purposeful and fulfilling.  DU launched a pilot cohort in Fall 2020 to begin socializing and testing this integrated approach to the student experience.

Ensure a Signature Portfolio of Academic Programs

DU differentiates itself through our academic programs. Our curriculum must continually transform as we empower our faculty to apply their passions and expertise to serve as mentors and educators. As a community, DU commits to the continual evaluation of our programs, always looking for new and better ways to meet the interests and demands of our students, faculty and society.

Ensure a Bright and Bold Future

Since our 1864 founding, the University of Denver has served generations of students by transforming to meet the needs of this day and age. By focusing on affordability and access, providing meaningful and hands-on learning opportunities and attracting dedicated students, brilliant and engaged faculty members, committed staff and capable leadership we ensure the University’s future, and thus, our students’ success.

Cultivate an Exceptionally Diverse, Inclusive, Equitable, and Welcoming Community

Diverse communities are stronger, more resilient and more productive, and the University of Denver champions diversity, equity, and inclusion because it’s our moral obligation. We strive to welcome individuals from all backgrounds to our campus, and we commit to providing the structures and programming to ensure this community becomes an example for others seeking to lift up marginalized voices.

Nationally Visible Engaged Research

Our faculty and research centers are impactful forces of good, here in Denver and across the globe. We continually seek new ways of doing, collaborating and discovering. Situated in the heart of Denver—a connected and bustling city—we see even more opportunity for DU to connect to and contribute to research that makes an impact on a global scale.