IMPACT 2025 launches our students to even greater heights.

Creating access and opportunity

As Denver’s premier private university dedicated to the public good, it’s not enough for us to draw high-achieving students to the University of Denver. We also must see them through. Along with financial aid, we must provide navigational and relational skills, high-impact experiential education, focused small classes, and an intentional and diverse community.

Our students are bold and imaginative. They will be the ethical leaders, innovators and world makers of tomorrow.

We must attract the best students from all walks of life.

We Promise

robust intellectual engagement through learning, scholarship and practice.

We Promise

a holistic education, including personal navigation skills for life and work.

We Promise

creative collaboration and ethical leadership development.

We Promise

deep, meaningful engagement in a diverse community.

We Promise

lifelong connectedness for personal and career achievement.

Preparing students

Career trajectories can no longer be mapped as they once were. So education has to prepare students not just for today’s workplace, but also for jobs not yet created. So we must teach emotional intelligence, and how to work collaboratively, navigate complexity and lead diverse teams. DU IMPACT 2025 builds on our strong history of meaningful engagement between our faculty and students. Our new approach to education—rigorous and holistic—includes 360-degree mentoring and leverages the university’s global network of successful alumni and friends.

We must prepare all our students to excel in the 21st century.

Student stories

Printing the Past

Anthropology students used 3D printers from the Ritchie School’s Innovation Floor to interact with ancient artifacts. This interdisciplinary approach allowed them to understand history in a new way.

Building for the Future

Over the next three years, the University of Denver will invest more than $140 million to address pressing student needs through an initiative called The Denver Advantage. In addition, the University is beginning a yearlong campus master planning project.

Evolution and Endocrinology

Undergraduate students collaborate with Dr. Robert Dores researching hormone receptors in sharks. Their findings could shine a light on adrenal gland disorders and treatments in humans.