Our name is the University of Denver. Our impact spans the globe.

Passion for the public good

By drawing on our intellectual capital, our practical knowledge, our open minds and an interdisciplinary faculty, the University of Denver is researching and addressing the world’s problems. Our faculty members build labs to improve the understanding of cardiovascular diseases. They use data to show that nonviolent campaigns are twice as likely to succeed as violent ones. And they contribute to the national discourse through local and national media commentary.

What we do here today will change the world.

We Will

promote research and scholarship that create the future of science, arts, humanities, social sciences and the professions.

We Will

create knowledge that serves the public good and changes the world for better.

We Will

support career and professional achievement by connecting students and alumni with an enhanced global DU network.

We Will

create meaningful partnerships that match societal needs with DU's learning goals.

We Will

amplify DU's impact around the world, emboldening our global ambassadors.

Genius is in the doing

Our graduates have the skills, knowledge and expertise to be global leaders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Three-quarters of our students study abroad, which prepares them to serve as civic leaders, ambassadors and advisors on topics that range from international law to business ethics. They are artists, chefs, hoteliers, lawyers, social workers, educators and entrepreneurs. DU IMPACT 2025 will leverage our best ideas and most innovative and passionate people. The plan will ensure that the University of Denver’s impact spans the globe.

Never underestimate the power of ideas.

Global stories

Developing Partnerships in East Africa

Students in the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management are working with the Global Livingston Institute to train hospitality workers in Uganda.

Psychology students at a research presentation

Counseling disaster survivors

Through DU’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology, 21 grad students practiced their new skills doing post-conflict clinical and field work in nine countries from Bosnia to Malawi.

Guatemalan protestors in front of the main plaza

Geography and social justice

DU doctoral student is studying violent resistance to mining and hydropower extraction in Guatemala. She hopes her field work will lead to greater social and environmental justice.