Led by:

Johanna Leyba, Associate Vice Chancellor, Center for Multicultural Excellence

Kate Willink, Associate Professor, Communication Studies and Faculty Senate President

Laura Maresca, Vice Chancellor, Human Resources and Inclusive Community

Renell Wynn, Vice Chancellor, Marketing and Communications

Theresa Hernandez, Director of Library Operations

We envision the future of One DU as a community with seamless interactions and tight bonds among students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We envision faculty members feeling energized by their relationships with colleagues and students and feeling capable of making a meaningful difference on campus and beyond. We aspire to be a community in which our students feel a sense of belonging within an environment that is guided by shared values, and an inclusive culture that will guide them throughout their lives as alumni. We strive for a place where staff members can embrace and carry out the mission of the University connecting us as a united campus community, while developing both professionally and personally. We seek to cultivate holistic ways of being, relating, and leading on campus for the purpose of staff, faculty, and students thriving, and to promote an open, supportive, and engaged climate and culture where people feel they belong and find these connections life-affirming and enriching.

Working Groups

Enriching Student Traditions

We have identified several goals that will guide our progress as we seek to enrich student traditions. They include defining what “One DU” means, identifying and establishing rituals that reinforce community values and ensuring all traditions are accessible and inviting to all members of our community. We will conduct a review of all existing traditions or events designed for students to gauge their level of impact over the next 12 months; identify historic markers that define the DU experience; broaden the reach of all existing traditions to appeal to the larger DU community; create a DU student handbook that outlines the history, values and traditions of the University; and work with divisions across campus to help brand traditions and create an app to serve as the hub for events and programs. 

Carl Johnson

Executive Director, Campus Life

Darren Harvey

Graduate Student Government

Johanna Leyba

Associate Vice Chancellor, Center for Multicultural Excellence

Tess Greenwald

Undergraduate Student Government

Enriching the Academic Climate and Culture

The first action taken by our team was to re-name ourselves “Enriching the Academic Climate and Culture” in order to take into account the dynamic ecosystem that is our campus. Organizational research shows that while culture is important, communication climate matters even more because it encompasses our perceptions of and feelings about the places we work. We will begin our work by talking with stakeholders, and if possible, surveying them, to determine how faculty members feel about their work environment in relation to their well-being and success.

Aimee Hamilton

Assistant Professor, Daniels College of Business

Darrin Hicks

Professor, Communication Studies

Erika Polson

Associate Professor, Media, Film and Journalism Studies

Kate Willink

Associate Professor, Communication Studies and Faculty Senate President

Paul Michalec

Clinical Professor, Morgridge College of Education

Roberto Corrada

Professor, Sturm College of Law

Advance and Celebrate One DU

This past academic year, we reviewed best practices and gathered input from our constituents on the following topics:

  • Traditions
  • Creating a stronger sense of community
  • Encouraging a culture of “yes”
  • What it means to be an exemplary employer and helping our workforce to thrive,
  • Promoting quality, flexibility and efficiency.

In an effort to continue gathering input, Laura Maresca is hosting a series of events to hear employees’ thoughts on the employee experience at DU. Please join Laura at one of the following sessions by filling out the RSVP form:

  • Walkabouts: Join Laura for a 30-minute walk around campus
    • July 14, 10:15-10:45 a.m.
    • July 19, 10:15-10:45 a.m.
    • July 21, 10:15-10:45 a.m.
  • Small Group Coffee Sessions:
    • July 6, 10-11am
    • July 10, 3-4pm
    • July 14, 8:30-9:30am
    • July 19, 2-3pm
  • Open Sessions:
    • July 26, 11am-12pm – Ritchie Center, Gottesfeld Room
    • August 2, 2-3pm – Engineering and Computer Science, Rm. 410
    • August 18, 9-10am – SIE International Complex Rm. 1150
    • August 30, 2-3pm – SIE International Complex Rm. 1020

We are also in the process of developing two pilot projects:

  • DU Passbook: Additional benefits, such as tickets to the Newman Center for Performing Arts, offered to staff yearly
  • First Fridays: A social event for staff every Friday afternoon after the 1st of the month to help establish quality connections among staff across campus

Other ideas we heard from staff that would contribute to helping our workforce to thrive was the ability to flex the work schedule and accumulate volunteer hours.

In addition, a working group has been formed to focus on recharges. Membership is being determined. This will most likely be explored as part of a change for budget development for FY19.

Last Updated: 7/5/17

Laura Maresca

Vice Chancellor, Human Resources and Inclusive Community

Scott Phillips

Professor, Sociology and Criminology

Stu Halsall

Associate Vice Chancellor, Athletics and Recreation

Theresa Hernandez

Director of Library Operations