The Chancellor, Provost and the One DU cluster leaders have decided that One DU is too big of a concept to live in a sole group. The spirit of One DU should be embedded within all aspects of our university.

Last year, the One DU cluster and working groups really helped the university think through culture change in a thoughtful manner, bringing a variety of perspectives to the table that added value and critical insight. The working group and cluster members helped illuminate the need for a streamlined process for signature events, the value of traditions, the need for a climate survey and much more. Many of the projects and ideas that were brought forth from the committee are being implemented in other aspects of the university, such as:

From the beginning, we have known that we are experimenting with how the implementation of the strategic plan actually works, and this is an example of how we need to be able to adapt when things aren’t progressing in a way that is productive and efficient for all involved. Therefore, we have decided that the executive committee will take the year to really examine how we can operationalize One DU within existing structures instead of through the cluster structure.

Please continue to check back for updates and stories of impact that reflect the spirit of One DU.

Last Updated: 11/14/17

Working Groups

One DU updates:

The University of Denver aims to be a workplace where all of us can thrive and contribute to our greater mission. In this spirit, in early May, Chancellor Chopp invited DU employees to participate in an employee engagement survey, the results of which will help us identify and prioritize areas where we need to improve.

Survey topics included work quality, communication, management, workplace culture, benefits and many other subjects that we know are important to the overall wellbeing and empowerment of faculty and staff members across the University.

The survey was voluntary and completely confidential; DU will not be able to trace results back to individuals. Your survey will be processed by ModernThink LLC, an independent firm that focuses on workplace quality in higher education.

Last Updated: 5/24/18