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John Gudvangen, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment, Director of Financial Aid

Mimi Stevinson, Director of Development, Principal Gifts

Financial aid is critically important to DU. Not only does it benefit those who have been denied access historically to higher education it also creates a stronger learning environment for everyone. Increasing our financial aid resources will result in more diverse classes across the University and bring together bright, eager students from all backgrounds who will excel in the programs and professions they choose. 

Working Groups

Enrollment and Financial Support for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Over the past academic year, we have reviewed financial aid awards to help us understand both how the University makes decisions on financial aid, and also the fiscal realities students face in affording a DU education. Specifically, at the graduate level, we have reviewed student loan debts at each school, and we are continuing to explore ways to reduce those amounts. We also are exploring interesting and non-traditional philanthropic opportunities to increase access and affordability.

For undergraduates, we are working on a bold new fundraising proposal, tentatively labeled the Denver Promise, that will help close the unmet need gap and provide greater access to hundreds of diverse, talented, Denver-area students.

This school year, DU has a diverse group of first year students.

  • Nearly a quarter of the expected incoming class identifies as an ethnic minority other than white, compared to 19 percent in 2016.
  • First-generation students will make up nearly 20 percent of the class.
  • International students are expected to make up seven percent of the class, representing 36 countries, double the number in 2016.

As a part of the One Day for DU campaign, we raised over $110,000 toward DU’s highest priority, student scholarships thanks to Chancellor Chopp’s announcement that she would designate $100,000 when we reached our goal of 2,000 donors.

In addition, our team discussed and researched many topics including what it means to look beyond a test score as we consider alternatives to the selection process, expanding summer bridge programs and hiring graduate assistants or offering summer internships to help implement pilot projects and programs.

Last Updated: 7/7/17

Corinne Lengsfeld

Interim Associate Provost of Graduate Studies

Colin Schneider

Director of Enrollment Management. Graduate School of Social Work

Kasia Parecki

Director of Student Financial Management, Sturm College of Law

Mimi Stevinson

Director of Development, Principal Gifts

Scott Leutenegger

Professor, Computer Science

Sharon Lassar

Professor, School of Accountancy

Tracey Adams-Peters

Director of Undergraduate Student Success

William Cross

Clinical Professor, Morgridge College of Education