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Brandon Buzbee, Associate Vice Chancellor, University Advancement

Linda Olson, Interim Dean, Colorado Women’s College

Our alumni and friends number over 140,000, forming a vital network in Denver and around the globe. We want them to remain involved with the University—serving as our ambassadors, enjoying meaningful mentorships with students and engaging in creative work with faculty and staff. We want to build strong, vibrant systems that make a difference in the lives of our alumni and friends.    


Working Groups

Preparing for Careers and Lives of Purpose

For the 2017-2018 academic year, we are focusing on the following priorities:

  1. Broadening student engagement with career preparation
  2. Tracking and mapping university-wide career related student learning outcomes in partnership withundergraduate academic learning outcomes
  3. Working with faculty actively engaging with students around career and graduate school preparation
  4. Creating a dynamic relationship with employing organizations by convening a sub-committee on managing campus-wide corporate relationships

During the 2015-2016 academic year, we estimated that 30% of our undergraduate students had at least one touch point with career services. By the end of the 2016-2017 academic year, nearly 50% of our undergraduate students had a formal touch point with career services, with an average of 3.3 touch points for those who engaged with our services. Our goal for the 17-18 academic year is to engage 60% of undergraduate and 40% of graduate students with Career Services and by 2025, we will have 90% engagement.

Over the summer, we sent out a “Faculty Career Champions” survey to students to identify faculty that have supported student internship, career, and continuing education goals. We received over 350 submissions and as a result, we organized a Faculty Breakfast where over 80 faculty joined us for a career discussion on September 13th. After receiving positive feedback from the faculty involved, our team is working on next steps, including reaching out to faculty members individually.

As an example, we are partnering with X-ITE, CWC, and PLP in offering a series of career and leadership 2 cr. courses open to all undergraduates, that will engage students in internship and job search preparation.  These courses are designed to give students the unique resources, skills, confidence and tools necessary to be successful in the internship search and develop a mindset for strong workplace excellence and leadership.

Additionally, we have been exploring philanthropic and academic opportunities to support and encourage professional internships for our students. As a part of the One Day for DU campaign, we raised over $2500 for our Internship Award Program.

Last Updated: 10/24/17

Nancy Lorenzon

Director, Undergraduate Research Center, Teaching Professor, Biology

Heidi Perman

Executive Director of Career and Professional Development Director

Pat Perrella

Executive Director, Career Services

Erika Polson

Associate Professor, Media, Film and Journalism Studies

Trisha Raque-Bogdan

Assistant Professor, Media, Film and Journalism Studies

Matt Rutherford

Associate Professor, Computer Science, Co-Director, Project X-ITE

Engaging Alumni and Friends

For the 2017-2018 academic year, we have identified 3 priorities:

  1. Work with 50 faculty in the efforts to engage the alumni community
  2. Develop a strategic engagement plan within Denver focused on: Downtown, DTC, and Cherry Creek
  3. Enhance the campus visit experience for alumni

To accomplish our priorities, we are piloting and implementing various programs including:

  1. Alumni Mentoring Pilot Project
  2. Pioneers Hiring Pioneers Campaign
  3. Expanding Dine and Dialogues, a series that brings students and alumni together over a meal to discuss different topics related to student careers. Last year, over 150 students participated and 26 alumni were involved, representing companies from the Colorado Ballet to Comcast.
  4. Story Corps for Alumni, a series of stories available on the web of alumni from different eras
  5. Advance 360 Project by applying segmentation and messaging strategies to alumni with an marketing partner
  6. Increasing engagement of alumni in Denver community


Want to participate in Dine and Dialogues? Alumni, please contact the DU Alumni office at  Students, please RSVP for the following fall events.

  • Dine & Dialogue: Careers for Science Majors – RSVP 

Thursday, October 26 | 12:00pm-1:00pm | Leo Block Alumni Center Conference Room

Carolynn Brown Francovila, started medical practice in Lakewood | BA 2006, Biological Sciences

  • Dine & Dialogue: International Careers – RSVP 

Thursday, November 2nd | 12:00pm-1:00pm | Leo Block Alumni Center Conference Room

Jesse Zoltan Russell, Sr. Director SAP America | MBA 2011, General Business

Debi Shupe, Regional Sales Consulting Manager at Oracle | IMBA 2012, International Business

Joey Ham | MBA 2009, General Business, BSBA 2009, Finance and Marketing

  • Dine & Dialogue: Mental Health Edition – RSVP 

Thursday, November 2nd | 5:30pm-7:00pm | Ammi Hyde Building

Alumni guest list coming soon!

Last Updated: 10/24/17

Kevin Archer

Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Associate Teaching Professor, Director of the Geneva Program, Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Dan Jacobs

Gallery Director/Curator, School of Art and Art History

Carl Johnson

Executive Director, Campus Life

Anthea Johnson Rooen

Director of College Access and Pipeline, Center for Multicultural Excellence

Brandon MacNeill

Associate Vice Chancellor, Athletics and Recreation

Mona Spitz

Executive Director of Alumni Engagement, Daniels College of Business