Led by:

David Greenberg, Vice Chancellor, Institutional Partnerships

JB Holston, Dean, the Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science

The Denver metro region is dynamic, breathtaking and culturally diverse. The University should be a gateway for our community to experience our city, state and even our world. To that end, we will provide our students, faculty, staff and neighbors with a vibrant district, engaging events and innovative entrepreneurial opportunities. 


Working Groups

DU District

David Greenberg

Vice Chancellor, Institutional Partnerships

Fatima Rezaie

Administrative Liaison, Institutional Partnerships

Mark Rodgers

University Architect

James Rosner

Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management

Michelle Stachnik

Administrative Assistant, Facilities Management

** Please join the Chancellor and Board Chair for an update on The Denver Advantage and a finished Campus Framework Plan to guide us in the years and decades ahead. May 30, 10 a.m. – noon, Gates Concert Hall Please RSVP!** 

After a rigorous competition, the University selected Ayers Saint Gross (ASG) to embark on the development of the Campus Master Plan. The ASG team began monthly campus visits in March and hosted workshops throughout the summer and fall involving faculty, staff, students, neighbors and the greater Denver community.

Since July, the team has consulted with over 220 faculty and staff, over 50 students, and over 50 community members. Over 460 people filled out the online survey indicating their favorite spaces on campus and more.

In addition to hosting open forums, meeting with individuals as well as student, faculty, staff and community groups, and forming working groups based off of the visit topic, the team created 2 groups to help advise the campus master planning process.

Advisory Council:

  • David Corsun, Director, Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management
  • David Greenberg, Vice Chancellor of Institutional Partnerships
  • Kendra Ingram, Executive Director, Newman Center
  • Barbara Jackson, Director, Real Estate and Construction Management
  • Marty Katz, Senior Advisor on Academic Innovation
  • Valerie Kerns, Senior Aide to Paul Kashmann, Denver City Council, District 6
  • Chad King, Director, Sustainability Center
  • Joelle Martinez, Executive Director, Latino Leadership Institute
  • Laleh Mehran, Professor, School of Art and Art History
  • Mark Rodgers, University Architect
  • Lili Rodriguez, Vice Chancellor of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence
  • James Rosner, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management
  • Allan Wilson, Director, Auxiliaries- Real Estate, Facilities Management

Executive Committee:

  • Rebecca Chopp, Chancellor
  • Paul Chan, Vice Chancellor of Legal Affairs and General Counsel
  • David Greenberg, Vice Chancellor of Institutional Partnerships
  • Gregg Kvistad, Provost
  • Lili Rodriguez, Vice Chancellor of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence
  • Craig Woody, Vice Chancellor of Business and Financial Affairs


Last Updated: 4/30/18

Project X-ITE

Martin Katz

Executive Director, Project X-ITE

Matthew Rutherford

Faculty Director, Project X-ITE

Nina Sharma

Managing Director, Project X-ITE

Since its inception, Project X-ITE has worked to amplify student, faculty and community engagement through curated programming and intentional activations that focus on innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. We invite you to delve deeper into our vision and initiatives by visiting our website and reading below about our initiatives.

Project X-ITE students are busy creating . Many are building startups, launching ideas, and finding teams to bring their visions to life. The Project helps these students and their businesses succeed by providing in-kind resources such as the X-Lab, a hub in Margery Reed Hall where students have a dedicated co-working space. We also provide guidance, community connections, and more. Check out students’ amazing startups here:

This past summer, two student startups were selected to participate in Pioneering Summer, an accelerator program that will help take their company to the next level. From June through August, 9 students interned, refined and grew their startups, and received mentorship, guidance and candid feedback from 19 experts, entrepreneurial founders and business leaders within Colorado’s innovation ecosystem. Listen to past participants, Wanderlift and PocketChange, on our podcast.

View all of Project X-ITE’s programs here! 

Project X-ITE also offers interdisciplinary events for our DU Students, Alumni, and Denver Community. For example, in partnership with the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Project X-ITE launched the inaugural Colorado Solutions Summit. The Colorado Solutions Summit was designed to support Colorado-based social impact startups through workshops and mentor sessions that connect our community to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Summit entrepreneurs included: Boogaloo Beds, SilvernestHippo Health and more.

To learn more, sign up for our monthly newsletter, and keep up to date on our newest happenings and events, visit our website here:

Last Updated: 4/13/18

DU as an Open Door to Engagement & Vitality

Last year, the Open Door to Engagement and Vitality working group really helped the university think through how DU could serve as an open door to our local community. Specifically, this group helped illuminate the many challenges of event planning on campus, recognizing the need for an increase in coordination and collaboration. Their findings and recommendations are being considered in order to find the best solution.

Additionally, from October 2015 to November 2016, the Hill Group in consultation with the Conferences and Events Services office and members of the university community, developed a report on the most effective and efficient approaches to event planning and management to best serve internal and external stakeholders and maximize impact on the University of Denver’s mission. While the report detailed several recommendations, as a first step, we are working to ensure that DU events are scheduled through 25Live in order to house campus events in a single system. This will help streamline processes, such as parking and space usage to avoid potential event conflicts. 25Live will then enhance the development of a campus master calendar. Conference and Event Services is in the process of hiring a 25Live university coordinator who will reside in the CES unit.

Moving forward, many of the initiatives within DU IMPACT 2025 that detail our commitment to being an open door are now housed within the Collaboration for the Public Good cluster and the DU District working group, as well as other offices around campus, such as Marketing and Communications and Conferences and Events Services.

Last Updated: 4/16/18