Led by:

Frank Tuitt, Professor and Senior Advisor to the Chancellor and Provost on Inclusive Excellence

Lisa Martinez, Associate Professor, Sociology and Criminology

To meet contemporary challenges, diverse teams must work collaboratively and innovatively towards solutions.  We are actively seeking a student body, faculty and staff who represent the diversity of our community, region, and nation to prepare our students for an increasingly globalized world. Building on our strong foundation, we will become a national leader in culture, practices and structures that encourage inclusivity.  


Working Groups

Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity

Debra Mixon Mitchell

Director of Diversity Recruiting

Judy Kiyama

Associate Professor, Morgridge College of Education

Laura Maresca

Vice Chancellor, Human Resources and Inclusive Community

Michael Johnson

Director of Student Outreach and Support

Nancy Wadsworth

Associate Professor, Political Science

Nashwa Bolling

Associate Director, Budget, Research and Analysis

Our team is working on several projects this year:

Developing comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusive excellence plans: 

The team is working closely with Deans and academic units on strategic plans. Currently, almost every academic unit on campus has a diversity plan.

Faculty Fellows Program:

We would like to announce our first cohort of ODI Faculty Fellows:

  • Dr. Judy Kiyama (Morgridge College of Education)
  • Dr. Aaron Schneider (Korbel School of International Studies)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Escobedo (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences)
  • Dr. Eugene Walls (Graduate School of Social Work)
  • Dr. Breigh Roszelle (Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science)

These 5 Faculty Fellows will advance the work of Inclusive Excellence; creating and further embedding a capacity building resource within and alongside their academic departments.  The ODI Faculty Fellows are tasked with engaging and fostering diversity and inclusion efforts, while serving as a resource and platform for innovation and IE organizational transformation. Their areas of focus includes providing vital support for:

  1. Underrepresented faculty
  2. The infusion of inclusive curriculum and pedagogy
  3. Unit level strategic planning toward Inclusive Excellence
  4. Participation in faculty search processes
  5. Diversity and inclusion communication and advocacy efforts within their unit and beyond.

Ethnic Studies: 

Stemming from the Race, Inequality, and Social Change (RISC) working group, ODI is continuing the efforts to bring ethnic studies to DU.  During the fall of 2017, ODI hosted a half-day retreat for faculty, staff, and students with the goal of collectively imagining what such a curricular core would look like at DU.  The half-day retreat welcomed 50 of DU’s faculty, staff and graduate students into a workshoping process that produced six themes and interest with respect to ethnic studies. ACE Fellow Dr. Melanie Harris led the charge as she presented options of what could be at DU, followed by Dr. Frank Tuitt’s facilitation of several exercises walking us through the process.

As next steps, ODI has helped establish two faculty working groups (one for undergraduate and one for graduate programs) with the aim of writing proposals for an undergraduate ethnic studies minor and a graduate ethnic studies cognate.  These working teams are currently meeting and plan to submit proposals to their appropriate committees by fall 2018.

Working Group Members:


  • Aaron Schneider (team leadership)
  • Elizabeth Escobedo (team leadership)
  • Lisa Martinez (team leadership)
  • Armond Towns
  • David Corsun
  • Santhosh Chandrashekar


  • Tom Romero (team leadership)
  • Michele Hanna (team leadership)
  • Bernadette Calafell
  • Rebecca Galemba

Expanding and improving procedures for faculty and staff searches to promote increased compositional diversity:

A faculty hiring dashboard is available for hiring teams and the staff hiring guide is under review.

We are also working on developing pilot projects that would help us promote increased compositional diversity:

  • Embedding IE in the annual review process for faculty via Activity Insight
  • Developing proposal for IE leadership development for middle managers

Collecting feedback about the newly created inclusive excellence and diversity dashboard to report data in composition, engagement, inclusion and achievement: 

We created the Diversity Dashboard on the new website for Diversity and Inclusion. The Dashboard gives us a snapshot of student composition, campus climate, student engagement benchmarks, and student outcomes.

Last Updated: 6/29/18