Led by:

Frank Tuitt, Professor and Senior Advisor to the Chancellor and Provost on Inclusive Excellence

Lisa Martinez, Associate Professor, Sociology and Criminology

To meet contemporary challenges, diverse teams must work collaboratively and innovatively towards solutions.  We are actively seeking a student body, faculty and staff who represent the diversity of our community, region, and nation to prepare our students for an increasingly globalized world. Building on our strong foundation, we will become a national leader in culture, practices and structures that encourage inclusivity.  


Working Groups

Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity

The team is working closely with academic units on strategic plans. If your unit is working on a strategic plan and has not been in contact with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, please contact Frank Tuitt.

We have made significant progress in auditing some of the existing inclusive excellence and diversity initiatives across campus, in part due to an inclusive excellence and diversity survey that was completed this year.

We are in the beginning phases of implementing ODI Faculty Fellows pilot program. The establishment of Faculty Fellows provides infrastructure to and resources toward developing a University plan for diversity and inclusion by embedding unit specific faculty positions who are tasked with advancing Inclusive Excellence and fostering engagement in each unit’s diversity and inclusion plan. The deans of 5 participating academic units, in collaboration with ODI, will nominate a faculty member for a two-year funded position.

In addition, a faculty hiring dashboard is available for hiring teams and the staff hiring guide is under review.

We have also created the Diversity Dashboard on the new website for Diversity and Inclusion. The Dashboard gives us a snapshot of student composition, campus climate, student engagement benchmarks, and student outcomes.

We are working on developing several pilot projects.

  • Embedding IE in the annual review process for faculty via Activity Insight
  • Developing proposal for IE leadership development for middle managers


Last Updated: 8/4/17

Debra Mixon Mitchell

Director of Diversity Recruiting

Judy Kiyama

Associate Professor, Morgridge College of Education

Laura Maresca

Vice Chancellor, Human Resources and Inclusive Community

Michael Johnson

Director of Student Outreach and Support

Nancy Wadsworth

Associate Professor, Political Science

Nashwa Bolling

Associate Director, Budget, Research and Analysis