Why is DU exploring community?

The 21st century has radically changed how we learn and work together, debate and connect. There is a collective yearning to be a part of something bigger—to be a part of a community made stronger by shared values.

Through the Community + Values initiative, DU will explore what it means to be an academic community. We will create and participate in collective experiences. And we will strive to understand how best to evolve our culture and systems and re-examine our values. 

Together, we will articulate our values and answer big questions. We will define our community and, by doing so, make it stronger and more spirited. With this information, we will not only foster greater belonging, we will make better decisions.

Three Pathways


Who are we as an academic community?

We’ll ask: What is an academic community from our disciplines and across our disciplines? We’ll explore, and, potentially, redefine the ways in which we show and define value within our academic enterprise. And, we’ll use our academic enterprise to show how we can shape, benefit and inspire community. Programming could include: hosting speakers, art exhibits, debates, and design studios.  


What is our collective relationship?

We’ll experience the ways in which we access, create and live in community– individually, in small communities, and collectively as a whole. In exploring our individual stories, our goal is to learn the real differences in the ways we experience community, and hopefully, see patterns of shared values. Programming could include a story-telling initiative, and shared experiences, such as a Public Good Day, among others.


How do our systems reflect our values in action?

Stating our values is only meaningful if we live by them in our structures and culture. The goal of this path is to articulate the mechanisms by which our values are put into action and the ways that we hold ourselves accountable to making decisions that reflect our communal commitments. Programming could include implementation of the recommendations drawn from the employee engagement survey and COAHCE survey, and design thinking workshops around processes that can help build and affirm our shared community commitments.

Interested in serving on a working group for this initiative?

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Past Events

Community + Values Launch Lunch

This campus-wide event will provided our entire community the chance to provide input in DU’s collective values. Each table will hosted a conversation facilitator who will documented the conversation and convened with their peers to consolidate community input. 

Friday, April 26
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

In anticipation of the official launch, we scheduled several initial conversations throughout winter quarter to begin this process of discovery.

Community and Values Pop-Up
(faculty and staff)

Tuesday, January 8
The Forum, Sie Complex

Greek Life Leaders

Wednesday, January 9th 
The Forum, Sie Complex

Staff Advisory Council

Monday, January 14th
Renaissance Room, Mary Reed Building

Graduate Student Government

Tuesday, January 15
ECS 510

Undergraduate Student Government

Tuesday, January 15
AAC 301

Faculty Senate

Wednesday, February 13
Renaissance Room, Mary Reed Building

University Council

Wednesday, February 20
Renaissance room

Student Athlete Representatives

Tuesday, March 12
Ritchie Center

Alumni Council Task Force

Tuesday, March 12th 
Location TBD

Staff of Color Association

Tuesday, March 26th 
AAC 301

Alumni Affinity Groups

Wednesday, April 10
Sturm College of Law 

Faculty of Color Association

Tuesday, April 23
AAC 301